The Urban Tech Hub at Company 

The Urban Tech Hub is a one-of-a-kind space built to support and materially advance the prospects of entrepreneurs and companies seeking to address New York City’s most pressing urban challenges in sectors such as mobility, logistics, infrastructure, open data, and clean tech.

The Urban Tech Hub is a highly curated community of growth-stage companies working on urban-focused technology. The Hub fosters continuous community discussion, engagement, and thought leadership progression relating to urban tech solutions.




Highly curated community of companies engaging with one another and growing the urban tech sector of New York

The Hub focuses on growth-stage companies that have been generating revenue and raising financing to a certain economic level, and have a number of employees

Office Space

Affordable office space at well-below-market rates in the center of Manhattan

Access to the broader Company campus

Flexible space to solve long-term growth needs

Advisors Network

Corporate Partnerships

Introductions to the Hub's various corporate partners for potential pilots, product integrations, customer/supplier relationships or investment

Corporate partners include: Google, Amazon, Mastercard,  MRM/McCann, JetBlue,  Maersk

Programming & Events

Access to 60+ person expert network across product, business development, government, engineering, brand strategy, sales and marketing, culture and impact

Talent Recruitment

Ability to post on our community job board

Access to 60+ person expert network across product, business development, government, engineering, brand strategy, sales and marketing, culture and impact

Application Process

The Urban Tech Hub receives applications on a rolling basis.

In conjunction with the City of New York, the Hub reviews applications and selects companies that are aligned with the Urban Tech Hub´s overarching goals. The Hub aims to populate the space with members who can engage with one another and grow the urban tech sector of New York. Select companies will be invited to interview. We look forward to learning more about your company.

Interested in joining our community? 
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What is urban tech?

Why coin the term at all? Aren't there enough "hyphen-tech" sectors?

The meaning behind urban tech:

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Today, more than 50% of the world's population live in cities where density and hyper-shared infrastructure present unique challenges and opportunities in terms of quality of life and economic development.

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​Innovation in tech is entering a new, more vital phase with autonomous vehicles, smart grid tech, power storage, and drone delivery among the many rapidly progressing fields. The tech world is shifting away from the "app economy" that dominated the last decade and towards a new level of challenge and opportunity.​

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​Successfully and sustainably capitalizing on the potential of this new phase of innovation will mean reckoning with the current urban context through new modes of engagement and cooperation between the government, the tech sector, and other scaled corporations.​​​

So, again, what is urban tech?

Urban Tech is an umbrella term for any company or initiative seeking to grapple with the specific challenges of modern urban living, often addressing climate change and its' effect on urbanity.

The role of the Urban Tech Hub in fostering its' community of companies is to constantly be transforming the future of city life.

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Clean Tech

Open Data

Real Estate

Mobility & Transportation