An Urban Tech Hub + Metro-North Partnership, Showcase

Do you have any effective and efficient visitor management and access control platforms for individual high-rise commercial buildings? 

Showcase Event

April 25th, 2019 (10am-12pm)

Deadline for application submission 

April 18th, 2019

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If you have a product or services that´s a good fit submit an application to showcase!  

Metro-North is calling all urban tech entrepreneurs to showcase, demo and pitch visitor management and access control technologies to commercial buildings around Grand Central Terminal.

Here you will have the opportunity to showcase your products to the operations, maintenance, and/or engineering teams of 22 property owners in the vicinity of Grand Central Terminal.  Considerations include:

- Scalability of solutions
- Multiple end users with varying vested interest
- Ease of deployment
- Adaptable to emerging technologies


If you’re interested in pitching your technology complete and submit an application form by April 18th.

Questions? Contact Ana at