When cities incorporate Urban Tech  into their planning and actualization, they create more sustainable and equitable living conditions, and meld the separate sectors of the city.


New intersections between the tech community, corporate world, and city government are constantly being stimulated through Urban Tech Hub's connective partnerships.

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Enterprise Partners

Urban Tech Hub's enterprise partners are pioneers in thinking about the future of cities. Each has committed to putting forward considerable manpower and expertise in addition to their technology platforms to advance the prospects of our companies. As a significant component of this platform, they have piloted relevant applications developed by Urban Tech Hub companies.

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Government Partners

Successful innovation in Urban Tech is unique amongst tech sub-sectors because it often requires interaction, if not outright integration with government agencies. NYCEDC has committed to functioning as a gateway to all the various City agencies that might be helpful or required in accomplishing company business' objectives. 

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The most valuable resource provided to community members is the collective intelligence, experience, and networks of ALL of the companies in the Hub portfolio. 


The application and screening process ensures that each company accepted contributes something distinguishable to the Urban Tech space.

The Urban Tech Hub has a 3,500 square foot event space outfitted with the necessary presentation equipment to function as a venue for companies to host their own events and as a space to enjoy events programmed by the Hub staff. 

Programming & Events